Alternative Energy Sources: The Future of Clean Energy

A quest for alternative energy sources has become a common phenomenon at every corner of the earth. The stock of fossil fuel will one day come to an end. Moreover, burning this fuel pollutes our surrounding atmosphere. So, there is an urgent need for alternative sources of clean energy. There are several options in this regard. The need is a comprehensive planning and proper implementation of the strategy. Mass campaigns should be arranged to make the general people aware about the benefits of renewable energy.

Alternative Energy Sources

The Sun is the most powerful and effective source of alternative energy. Solar power guides the air pressure and the tidal waves that are used in wind and hydro-electric plants. Solar power is the key source behind generating free and never-ending electricity. This electricity has become a common energy mode at households in different distant and remote corners across the countries. Solar heater, bulbs, lanterns and other electrical equipment can be activated with solar energy.

Energy Efficiency and the Need for a Vancouver Clean Energy Development Plan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASustainable energy is something that many countries in the world are slowly turning to as an alternative source of the much-needed energy that keeps large cities, suburban homes, and the rural countryside going. The sky-high price of fuel in many countries has also become a major contributor for their governments in finding new and reliable sources of sustainable energy. Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, has been trying to develop these renewable energy sources in recent years.

Also referred to as green energy, or clean energy, renewable energy has many sources, such as solar power from the sun’s rays, wind power, and many others. However, before the plans for the Vancouver clean energy development can be pushed through, there are some really important energy efficiency tips that must be taken into consideration and these may well reduce the need for a Vancouver clean energy development plan:

- Turning off all electronic devices and the lights in any room of the house that are not being used can contribute highly to energy savings.

- You can also fine tune the amount of energy used in your home with the help of a programmable thermostat.

- Make use of your lights, air conditioning units, and other electronic appliances and devices only when necessary. The AC does not have to run if no direct sunlight goes into a room.

- Use the right insulation wrap for your hot water tank; and lessen the tank’s temperature.

- LED lights can help you save a lot of energy when you have Christmas lights at home as well as for the any outdoor lighting.

- The latest models of furnaces and appliances are now energy star rated. Make sure that you replace your old ones with these.

Clean Energy Technology – What Is It And How To Implement It?

Defining Clean Energy

Clean energy is different energy sources that can be used naturally without causing harm to the environment. We have all heard about clean energy and we all know what fossil fuels are so I won’t go in to to much detail. Currently we are burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal that are causing an extreme amount of damage to our environment and health. This has been argued by many but I don’t see how we can deny these facts for any longer. Our most brilliant minds on the planet have not only made this extremely clear but it we can now see it with our own eyes and feel it with our own senses. If you go outside in any major city and pay attention to the air it is extremely clear that it is filled with smog and pollution. If you go for a walk or a jog and you are paying attention to the air your breathing and the vehicles that are driving by then this becomes self-evident. Clean energy is using alternatives that do not affect our air, food, water or anything else that has a negative impact on our environment.ISB 54.412.787

The Different Types Of Clean Energy

Currently we have many different types of clean renewable energy. We have solar power, wind power, geo-thermal, wave power, magnet power and many more that are beginning to surface. Not only are these different types of energy becoming widely known but they are becoming more affordable and easy to implement. For example solar panels used to cost a lot of money. You had to pay a lot for the panels, pay someone to install them and pay a lot for the batteries. It’s gotten to the point now where you can simply go online, find an eBook and learn how to do solar panels yourself for very affordable prices. You can simply put a small solar panel in your back yard or your balcony that will charge a battery and your appliances at the same time. You can do the same thing with wind power. Geo-thermal power is an alternative source of energy that uses a technique called heat mining. What this does is uses the water that is underground to generate mass amounts of clean energy. Wave power is are devices that are installed in our oceans that generate energy from the oceans movements. Magnet power harnesses the power of magnets to harvest clean renewable energy. It’s important to note that all of these energies are clean, renewable and are very cost efficient and easy to maintain. If we were to utilize these energies we could do away with fossil fuels and power society forever.